KMH makes

KMH makes is the name I started working under when I started metalsmithing in 2012. It included a lot of copper (since it was the most forgiving and cost-effective material) and designs around nature.
I was experimenting with my style and skills - some of it was terrible, some of it was really good, and most of it was middle of the road.

I started with jewelry and then tried my hand at some larger art pieces. With these, I also pulled in paper to add color and texture. And I tried some long-term projects, like my 365-day Office Project.
Art was a new frontier for me - I learned a lot, especially that I super-enjoy larger-scale projects.

Jewelry has always been a love of mine, from my early years. Actually, all accessories - shoes, bags, sunglasses... I feel accessories really make your style, really define your self-expression. So in 2015,
I formed Right Collection to really focus on the style side and my natural lean towards minimal and edge and angles.

It was like running two different businesses for a while, until it finally felt like the overlap was too ridiculous. So in June 2016, I shut down KMH makes for good to focus my efforts under Right Collection and spread the gospel of style and self-expression.

Here's a smattering of my work from the KMH makes years. And be sure check out my current work under Right Collection (click around the menu at the top of the page). Thanks for visiting!


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