Hello and welcome to Right Collection!


Karen Hancock, owner & designer behind Right Collection

I’m Karen Hancock, the designer and metalsmith behind the line. Thanks for checking out my work. I really love what I do. There’s the actual act of doing – the creativity, the physical part of working with my hands, the problem-solving, the making something out of thin air. But what really keeps me at it is bringing something new and awesome into the world and making people feel something positive. With jewelry, my hope is to make a woman feel like her absolute best and with art, my hope is to delight a person, maybe elicit a “Wow!” and stir up some creative inspiration.

I’ve been fascinated by jewelry for a long time and have always found it as the piece that really nails my style (with shoes as a close second). I’ve bought lots of costume jewelry over the years and finally got to an age where I couldn’t take the crappy quality any more, yet didn’t feel that fine jewelry matched my rather laid-back personality. So why not make my own?

The designs I come up with are pieces I wish I had and answer to the things I enjoy most: music, nature, city life, street style, patterns, graphic design, and art. There’s usually angles and edge and simplicity and boldness, which I’ve come to call a minimal-yet-daring style.

I focus on limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs for a few different reasons. Mainly, it allows individual style to stay individual. Creatively, I like to challenge myself with new designs and would be bored making the same thing hundreds of times. In the big picture, small batches support my belief in quality over quantity / thoughtful purchasing / avoiding mass manufacturing. And I really love the tradition of craft and people making things with their own two hands and a lot of heart.

Facts about me: I hail from New York, I was an accounting major and CPA, I love animals (especially my sweet dog Sadie) and I’m a huge music fan. I enjoy being outside, walking around in nature or the city streets. I burst into song a lot and am good at laughing and drinking coffee.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me and Right Collection. I hope you love what you see here and feel inspired to embrace your creative, stylish self wholeheartedly.


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