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My June birthday rings in the new year for me, moreso than January 1. It has always felt the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, dive into that interesting thing, clean house. Pondering my business came up with all sorts of cool ideas for the next 12 months, so let me share some of them with you.

More jewelry designs - I like to keep things fresh, for you and for me. Making the same design over and over is not quite my style. So I'll be introducing new limited edition designs each month. Maybe one new piece, maybe five - who knows? A little bit of surprise is good for us.

More projects - I'm really inspired by work that you can tell took the artist a lot of thought and time. It shows courage to push your boundaries out of your usual creations. Like a mural by a painter who works mainly on canvas. Or a sculpture by an artist who usually creates ceramic dishware. I want to push. Will that be within jewelry or branching out? Yes.

Better communication - I've been spotty at best in my blogging and even my email newsletter. That bothers me, because I enjoy writing so much and really want to build a stronger community with you. Let's get thoughtful.

And all of this would sound very overwhelming if I didn't have some sort of container for all this creativity. So I'll be doing monthly themes, to dive into topics I love and that you'll love, too. It really helps my mind to focus on a topic and make things within that parameter, because otherwise it would be chaos. So my weekly blog topics, my Instagram photos, my metalwork & art, all focused for a month on one topic. 

All these ideas came after a lot of thought about the bigger picture of my work. Why do I make things? How is my work meaningful to me and to the world? What would be really freaking fun? And how can I make a living wage from my work? It's important any business owner asks herself these questions and it's quite easy to forget the answers. It's common to get caught up in what others are doing, or what people say you should be doing, or focus too much on sales for sales sake, or censor yourself out of fear. Tangents happen to all of us. This theme idea is an attempt to stay focused on the meaningful things - great work, a positive atmosphere, and real conversations.

So let's get to it. The theme for July is: MUSIC

I love music. I love going to concerts, I love listening to music, I love singing, I love making mixtapes. I especially like rock music and alternative - it just makes a girl feel so kickass. So look for related blog posts and Instagram snaps.

Rock on,




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