Sketch Challenge Q1 2017

Fashion sketches by Justine W. Lee

(sketches by Justine W. Lee)


I spent the last three months of 2016 in New York City, and came back from that amazing adventure with so much clarity on my direction for the new year. I was (and still am) extremely excited and want to get to work making an impact. Usually one to get overwhelmed by big, long-term plans, I took a new approach this year: quarterly goals. 

Inspired by Pick Four by Zig Ziglar + Seth Godin, and the SELF Journal by BestSelf Co., I broke my three main life goals into quarterly chunks, with more detailed steps under those. It's refreshing to not worry about everything right now, and to commit to specific short-term goals. 

For my metalwork, I really wanted to get back to my original idea for the business: larger statement pieces, custom designs, and small sculptures. I got lost a bit there in creating collections for mainstream, but that's not where my heart lies. I much prefer one-off pieces, big and bold, to really say something. Anyways, I decided to dedicate Q1 to sketching a whole bunch of ideas and fabricating a few, then I'd be able to decided what to work on for the rest of this year and possibly into next. 

To make it trackable, I set the goal for March 31 to have sketched 100 ideas and fabricated 50 of them. (Fabrication being a 65%+ effort for a piece, just to get the gist if it's viable or not). I am not a great sketcher, as mentioned here, but sketching is valuable, taking me out of what I know I can do/perceived limitations and into whatever the hell I can think up/figure it out.

So it's February 1 and I have not sketched one thing. Don't worry - this is my normal. And there's a lot of ideas swirling in my mind, so they just need to be captured on paper. Let's see what comes of this, shall we? 


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