September Theme :: Minimalism

Minimalism is a rather ubiquitous term right now, linked adjectively with every kind of industry and noun-like as a lifestyle. When something becomes that pervasive and cliche, I immediately want to get up and move a few rows away from it, because I find it noisy. But, in the case of minimalism, I'm sticking to my seat.

Minimalism is my natural style. I like clean lines, dark or neutral colors, sharp angles, simple silhouettes, structured pieces, a solid feel. Metal, leather, cotton, wool - not in a heavy way, just a tailored way. Nothing boxy or boring - there's got to be some personality or edge to it. That's what minimalism in style means to me.

I'm sure this is different than what other people define as minimalism, and maybe what the originators thought. But that's a good thing. A movement, I feel, gets more life from differing interpretations than everyone just following some kind of rule book. Take in the inspiration, make it your own. 

I'm not too familiar (yet) with how minimalism started, the art pioneers, why it became a movement, but I do know how I feel about it aesthetically. I feel connected to minimalism in my sartorial choices, but less so in other areas. To me, a lot of minimal interiors feel austere and cold, and I lean towards comfort and casual in my homestead. Minimal graphic design is usually embraces negative space in a clever way, and I like that. Living with less than 100 possessions is a respectful goal, letting go of clutter and attachments that don't serve you, but it's a bit too pressurized for me. Show me one more Instagram account featuring muted colors, serene breakfast scenes, and boho fashion, and I will stomp your phone to death.

Again, that's me. My point is (A) to give a bit more depth to my style and jewelry designs, so you know where I'm coming from and (B) to encourage you to find your own interpretation. Don't go live in a tiny home unless you feel it right in your very fiber. Don't use the word "minimalism" in every other sentence just to be on trend. And really, wear whatever the hell you want. Putting a name to a style is only good to connect with like-minded people and celebrate the passion behind it. Minimalism might seem rigid, but it doesn't have to be.




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