November Theme :: Giving

November 2016 theme is Giving

(Type by Adam Fanthony + leaf illustration by Anna Bronwyn Foley)


So being in the retail field, November is a big month for a business like mine, with the holidays approaching. There's a lot of pressure to make sure your marketing plan is on point and you're getting in front of people and you capitalize on Black Friday and all that. There is no question that I am in that world and I hope you think of me and tell all your friends to think of me for your gift-giving needs. I'm in the business of making people happy through my pieces.

But on the retail flip side, I also believe the holidays have become too commercial. Gifts and material goods should not be the main focus. Pushing people over to get the last TV is insane. So as a reminder to myself to stay grounded in the spirit and good cheer of the holiday, I'm doing a little challenge for myself for November: a month of giving!

On Instagram, I'll share one thing each day that I'm grateful for or a thought on how we can connect and give to each other. I really hope you'll join me and post your own things - or at least think on it that day. 

Every Sunday, I'll let you know what's ahead that week so you can join if you'd like. Let's use the hashtag #GivingIsGood 

11/2: Giving Quote
11/3: The Gift of Creativity
11/4: Giving Love: Favorite Local Spot
11/5: The Gift of Nature
11/6: Giving Love: Volunteering
11/7: The Gift of Time
11/8: Giving a Damn: Vote!

So remember to check in on Instagram 
@RightCollection each day for some positive vibes and to spread your own! #GivingIsGood 






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