Monstera leaf decor

Monstera leaves decor in silver

This project was on my mind for a long time. It's what inspired the colorful paper monstera leaves I cut for the Summer theme this month. But to create it in shiny silver was pretty dang fun. 

I started with a cardboard template of a leaf, sketched from a few fake decor leaves we have. Then with tracing paper, I transferred the shape to very thin sheet metal, and cut with metal shears. Final step was to sand and file the edges to a smooth finish. Leaves done.

Now for the stem. I figured I could roll the metal into a long tube, so found a thin rod in the garage (an orange reflector pole) and rolled the metal around it with a bit of overlap.



Then I scored the sheet at the edge of the roll with an Exacto knife and with a bit of back-and-forth bending, was able to snap the roll off the rest of the sheet. Stem done.


I took two strips of the metal a few inches long, keeping one side flat and long and rolling the other side into a tube. With such thin metal, my attempts of attaching these to the leaves ripped right through, so I did the thing I didn't want to do and glued the tabs onto the leaves. The rolled part was able to slip into the stem tube and then stand upright like an actual leaf. With more time, research and energy, I think I could come up with a more elegant solution, but this did the job (and you really can't see it under the leaf anyways). Now I have shiny summer vibes all year long!

 Monstera leaf decor in silver



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