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Summer via Instagram @caseydesibley

(via Instagram @caseydesibley)

Since my theme this month is Summer, it was an obvious choice to highlight Casey Sibley as the maker of the month. Casey has a penchant for bright colors and bold patterns that she features in her textiles and art. "Goods to inspire a happy life" is how she describes her work and she's dead-on. Get to know my friend Casey in her own words below in my 5 Questions series, and then check out her work at


My name is Casey and I am the designer behind Casey D. Sibley Art + Design, a Reno, NV based studio specializing in hand-drawn and hand-painted surface pattern designs for textiles in a happy modern style. I design colorful and bold fabrics for homegoods and personal accessories, meant to be used daily and inspire a happy life. With a background in architecture and a love of pattern, my goal is to bring you products that are not only functional, but also beautiful and well-made.

You can also see me at NY Now August 20-23 at booth #9280, where I'll be exhibiting my goods for buyers from shops all over the globe! And I was accepted as an Etsy Open Call finalist to pitch my line to a few large retailers this month in Brooklyn! It's a big month for my business!


Q01: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Most of my pattern designs are inspired by nature and evolve through mark-making and exploring different printing, painting, and drawing techniques. I love abstract art, and that comes through in a lot of my work as well. And my designs are usually largely driven by color--I'm choosing bright, airy palettes that remind me of summer (ever since I was a kid, summer has always been my favorite season)!


Q02: Why textiles? What got you into fabric?

When I started my business, I was dabbling with selling original paintings and art prints, just to see what might happen. After selling a few pieces, I realized that I wanted to create something that was easier to replicate and was more functional in people's lives. I was also growing tired of the idea of sitting and painting for hours on end--I wanted to switch it up a bit! Eventually I stumbled across and became obsessed with printing my art onto fabrics, and developed a deep appreciation for creating patterns for textiles that could be turned into fun accessories and items for the home. I loved the idea of my art being used by my customers while they went about their daily lives, like maybe my products could be a little reminder to live an intentional and creative life.


Bright tote by Casey D. Sibley


Q03: What are your favorite things to work on in your business? What's your least favorite thing?

While I love having the freedom to be creative every day and choose the projects I work on, I really enjoy the strategy side of business the most. As soon as I saw potential to make money doing things I loved, I was thinking of ways to evolve it into something that was sustainable, scalable, and enjoyable for years to come. I'm always trying to think of new ways to do things in my business, and try to practice awareness around the things that seem to work well and give me the most personal satisfaction. 

My least favorite part is when I am in production mode, sewing for hours on end. I think I like the business and creative side more because it's always changing. When I am sewing large orders, it can feel a bit like being chained to a desk (and even then, I am obsessively timing myself and thinking of ways to improve the sewing process so that I know exactly how much money is going into the labor)! This is something that I am planning to outsource soon to someone(s) that loves to sew. Although, it's also really hard to let go of this task because I have so obsessively engineered the process and am a bit of a stickler about the details. 

Waxed canvas clutch by Casey D. Sibley


Q04: What's a dream goal of yours in your business?

Definitely to grow the business to the point that it supports both myself and my husband (and our dogs) fully, allowing us to live our dream lives. Right now, I do most of my business through wholesale and I really like that model. That is something I am actively growing this year. If all goes as planned, attending the NY Now Trade Show and Etsy Open Call this month will hopefully play a big role in that as well. 

I'd also love to be featured in a few magazines, like Real Simple and Domino!


Bright fabric buckets by Casey D. Sibley


Q05: What's one idea for folks to bring more creativity into everyday life?

Carry a sketchbook and write or draw whenever you have an idea, even if it's not fully formed yet. I try to keep a sketchbook with me or nearby most of the time, because often if I don't get my idea out of my head and onto paper I will forget it. It's also nice to look back through old sketchbooks and see what you were thinking about (and if you have the foresight, date your sketchbook pages, too). Sometimes I will also make myself sketch, even when I am feeling uninspired, because some inspiration usually emerges from mindless doodling.


Bring a bit of summer indoors with Casey's work - find her at (all photos from her website, used with her permission)



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