Favorite Big Fashion Designers

We're in the middle of New York Fashion Week so thought it a good time to chat about favorite style influences.

I am mainly a street style fan - I love seeing the individual looks a person comes up with, and they do not have to be created from name-brand pieces. The Sartorialist will always be #1. It's become quite crowded on the streets of style, with a lot of "meh" or sponsored or fame-hungry looks. A lot of people are looking the same as the next. So let's keep a sharp eye for true style makers and people who feel style at their core.

That being said, I do totally love the aesthetic of some popular design houses. At this point in my life, I'm not in the income bracket to shop with them, but I do appreciate their Instagram accounts and garner inspiration from their designs. Just like with music, I'm not great at describing why exactly I like something - I just like it. 


Alexander McQueen

Edgy, dangerous, fantastical, dark beauty, powerful, detailed, structured, dramatic


Designs by Alexander McQueen


Isabel Marant

Angles, patterns, structure, feminine/masculine, simple, comfortable, rocker style





Sophisticated, sexy, structured, drape, details, Deco-inspired, classic 




Proenza Schouler

Sporty, bold, textures, cut-outs, layers, laid-back, artistic 




Dion Lee

Futuristic, sculptural, tailored, layered, monochromatic


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