Interview with Showcasing Woman

I'm lucky to know such amazing and inspiring women. My longtime friend, fellow entrepreneur and all-around lovely person Jenn Aubert interviewed me for her site Showcasing Women, which is chock-full of articles and resources to help women thrive. 

Karen Hancock of Right Collection, in the studio

We talked about my career path from CPA to metalsmith, business behind-the-scenes, favorite advice and success. You can read the whole thing here but here are a few excerpts:

"I was never a fan of people telling me what to do so I figured one day I'd probably do my own thing!"

"I’ve always been a big fan of jewelry, specifically metal and edgy, and I harbored a thought deep, deep down that I could make or design jewelry one day. Obviously that led me to sign up for a metalsmithing class but I also never thought a living could be made from a creative field."

"It means that even in the face of hardship, you stay true to yourself, your morals and the important things in your life. You know yourself well enough to act with confidence and humanity."


My favorite question was, "What's your secret business superpower?" I've told you mine - what's yours? Let me know on Twitter @HeyItsRC.


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