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I have always loved these things. (I like to call it "hand hardware" but it seems the rest of the world calls it "ring bracelet" or even "hand bracelet.") As a kid, I would wrap string around my wrist and fingers and create a very kindergartner version. I've bought various ones throughout the years and my biggest gripe was it never stayed on my hand/it was too big. So now it's quite a kick to be a metalsmith and make my own, ones that look made for adults and fit much better.

Signs&Secrets by Right Collection


So far I've made four: the fringy one that was the post photo (see previous page), the geometric one above (the four alchemical signs for the elements), and these two: bars and moon phases.


Barred hand bracelet by Right Collection



Like my black cat eye, I kind of see it as a signature piece for myself. Hand hardware feels terribly bad-ass yet sexy, subtle yet stunning. I throw it on with casual outfits and also when I'm dressed up. So yes, I'm hooked.

My favorite so far is the Barred one, because it sits in place, feels so solid, and I've never seen anything like it. The runner-up is the geometric Alchemy one. So be prepared to see a new hand bracelet design in every upcoming collection...

What your signature piece or style signature? Chat me up on Twitter @HeyItsRC or Instagram @RightCollection.



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