Photo shoot in Tahoe

Forgive the melodramatics. First of all, it was my choice to have an outdoor shoot. And secondly, "trek" is stretching it - it was a couple hundred yards from the street, though it does look like deep woods. Amazingly the photographer had found this spot before for a different shoot, since he's a seasoned outdoor photog. 

Photography - Matthew McIver of Laxalt & McIver (Instagram @fstop13photo)

HAMU - Nellie Davis of Outsider Hair Studio (Instagram @outsidershair)

Model - Spencer Heywood (Instagram @suspence8)

This was the first time this exact team worked together and it was magic. It felt easy. Everyone was professional and talented and rolled with it. I count myself lucky to have found each of them.

Matt had to lug all his equipment out there. Nellie brought almost her entire salon with her. And Spencer had to navigate sketchy terrain in high-heeled boots. I just worried about not dropping the tiny pieces among all the twigs and pine needles. But the spot was spot-on and the lighting amazing and we had a fun time. Can't wait to see the final shots!



Photo shoot in Tahoe

 Hair touch-ups in the woods of Tahoe


Photo shoot in the Tahoe woods 




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