Style Inspiration :: Sweater Weather

Well, October so far has been close to 80 degrees each day so much of a case for sweater weather. In rebellion, I'm wearing sweaters and scarves and boots to try to turn the weather. And although it's not really working, I love this clothing so I'm sticking with it.

Street style sweater cape

I tried to be a serious fashion person in these photos but it felt ridiculous so I ended up laughing. A smile is my natural reaction to a photo anyways, so the shot on the left feels more like myself.

Gray Tshirt - H&M

Dark skinny jeans - Paige Denim

The jewelry pieces are my own designs. The Alchemy earring set includes four earrings which is great if you have multiple piercings. The Lightning Killer Bolts necklace is a statement pieces that shines up (and looks best with) dark neutrals and seems to work best with a close crew neck (not a scoop).  A closer look at both:

 Alchemy earring set by Right Collection


Lightning Killer Bolts statement necklace


But my favorite part of this outfit is the boots by Teysha. They are custom-made by hand and I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. Stopped by strangers, they are so beautiful. You choose the style of boot, the leather color and the two embroidered designs. I purchased them in person at a show so they even traced my feet to ensure a perfect fit. So comfortable. If you live in boots, please treat yo' self to a pair of these and spread the word!

 Teysha boots

Hope you're enjoying all the beauty Nature is throwing our way this month and you're as thrilled as I am to dig out my sweaters and boots.



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