Moon Phases necklace

There's a whole category of style out there that reflects a bohemian feel, mysticism, very feminine colors and loose shapes. I do not count myself a member of that tribe, as I definitely lean towards minimalism, lots of black and sharp angles. So I surprised even myself when I came up with the designs in the Signs&Secrets line, which was inspired by my love of nature and awe at its power.

My Zodiac sign is ruled by the moon and being a night person, I do love staring up at the night sky and seeing the moon in its different shapes. There is a lot of moon jewelry out there but I had not seen a design that included many of the phases in a symmetrical row. The organized row is my structured take on a usually more boho symbol.

A bar necklace like this goes well with a shirt that cuts high to the neck (wear the necklace over it, as above) or lying against the skin under a open button-up or V-neck blouse. Available in sterling silver or brass - more details here.




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