The 100 Day Project

(Artwork by Elle Luna)


The 100 Day Project is a creative endeavor where you pick one thing and do it every day for 100 days. It can be sketching an animal, dancing in public, photographing your favorite tree, writing a sentence for a book, singing something you wrote, painting one square foot - I mean, anything you can think of creating each day for over three months. 

I did attempt this last year, when the project was sponsored in conjunction with The Great Discontent and artist Elle Luna. It's not easy - I made it about three weeks - but it is rewarding. At the end of 100 days or however long you can do it, you will have a body of creative work all your own and hopefully learned something (about your craft, about yourself) along the way.

For this year's challenge, I wanted to do something very closely related to my work and to focus on something I'd like to learn and/or improve. Design. Although I feel no lack of ideas for jewelry designs, I do feel I could use some work in thinking larger, more fantastically. Designing a collection (for me) keeps you close to one theme and within the realm of wearability so what if I had more space to design whatever comes to mind? 

Since metalwork can be time-consuming, especially if I'm trying to think bigger, it didn't seem possible to actually create a metal piece every day. So it was only upon chatting with another metalsmith friend of mine that a plan fell into place. She was giving me some tips on technical drawings and we both thought that our own sketching skills were pretty poor. And if we just tried sketching for like 15 minutes a day, we would improve greatly. That sealed it for me - sketching it was. I apologize to you in advance for how bad they are going to be, and I really hope we see an improvement by day 100!

Agreeing with Twyla Tharp that "Whom the gods wish to destroy, they give unlimited resources", it seemed I would need some sort of constraint to work within. So I brought in a love of mine - music. My daily design will be inspired by a favorite song of mine, chosen randomly each day. 


My main goal then is to push myself outside the realm of regular jewelry ideas and what I think I could make. Maybe some things won't even be jewelry at all and I'm excited about that. My secondary goal is to improve my sketching so I'd be able to communicate my ideas to others more easily.

And the byproducts I really hope to cultivate along the way are connection with other creatives, exchange of ideas and inspiration, some great designs for future pieces, more confidence in my work, and a warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment. 

So how about you? What would you create for 100 days?


Follow the project on Instagram with #The100DayProject. You can follow my specific project with #100DaysofMetal and #MusicInMetal. See you on Instagram


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