Alchemy Earring Set

It was back in 2014 when I created a custom order for a necklace centered around alchemy. The lovely lady was looking for a delicate take on these symbols that meant a lot to her. Once the necklace was done and circulating out in the world, it was suggested I make earrings in the symbols and I thought it was a fabulous idea. 

Alchemy earring set in brass by Right Collection

Earring sets just make sense - you get options and you're not out of luck if you happens to lose one. With my three ear piercings, I love the option of choosing which elements speak to me that day or which I feel I need more of. So which are which? I made this handy cheat sheet to remember the meanings:

Alchemy symbols by Right Collection

The four elements all have the ability to sustain life or destroy it, which gives them quite a reputation of intense power and straddling the line of "good vs. evil." If you give any validity to the meaning behind the symbols, here are some thoughts: 

Air - associated with the Spring season and the direction East, Air symbolizes communication, intelligence, learning, imagination and harmony.

Fire - matched with the Summer season and the direction South, Fire is known for transformation and purifying. It symbolizes energy, activity, passion, courage and freedom.

Water - aligned with the Autumn season and the direction West, Water is all about cleansing. It symbolizes healing, flowing, growth, change, fertility and devotion.

Earth - related to the Winter season and the direction North, Earth symbolizes prosperity, stability, nourishment, abundance, intuition and wisdom.


Alchemy earring set by Right Collection


Now these earrings will not give you any of the qualities above but I do believe that what we focus our energy on manifests. So if you're feeling in need of any particular one above, spend some time researching that element and how you can invite more of it into your life (I mean, like with feng shui, not by causing disasters around you. No big bonfires or man-made floods, OK?)




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